Touring Showcase in Montreal 2023-INSCAPE: Voyage to Hidden Landscape

INSCAPE SEASON 1 program <INSCAPE:Voyage to Hidden Landscape(2021)> finally presented its touring showcase in ELEKTRA FESVAL 2023. The event took place on 21 Oct featured by two performances: Herman Kolgen’s “RETINA LIVE” and Matthew Biederman & Alain Thibault’s “INCERTITUDE”. 


INSCAPE: Perceive 

INSCAPE: Perceive is a spinoff showcase of INSCAPE’s second edition [INSCAPE: NEW HOMEOSTASIS] featuring two installations and an opening night performance by Korean artist Kohui.


Festival - INSCAPE : Voyage to Hidden Landscape

From October 21-24, 2021, live performances of 5 artists from Quebec, Canada and Korea were presented at Paradise City CHROMA Club. Artistic direction Jay Bang and Alain Thibault.


Festival - INSCAPE : Voyage to Hidden Landscape

Exhibition held at Paradise Art Space - Paradise City in Incheon (KR) from September 17th, 2021 to February 6th, 2022.


My Your Memory

My Your Memory is an exhibition that raises questions about what we should remember and how within our fast-changing social systems.



NCERTITUDE – Matthew Biederman and Alain Thibault As part of the opening of the exhibition Decision Making

From December 10, 2021 to April 15, 2022, the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris presents Decision Making as part of the official programme of Némo – International Biennial of Digital Arts of the Île-de-France Region produced by CENTQUATRE-PARIS, in partnership with Elektra (Montreal) To inaugurate this new exhibition, join us on Thursday, December 9 at the Canadian Cultural Centre for the European premiere of INCERTITUDE: an audio-visual performance by artist Matthew Biederman (video) and curator and art director, Alain Thibault (audio).



The Ulsan Art Museum Collection: Future Collection

Ulsan Art Museum Collection: Future Collection seeks to present what a futuristic art museum’s collection can function as in today’s society, in which technology and daily life converge.



International Media Platform INSCAPE’s first announcement

The weekend before the festival proper, MUTEK is partnering with international media platform INSCAPE

MUTEK MTL 2023 first announcement

MUTEK and INSCAPE, the creative relationship between Canada and Korea

MUTEK 24 marks its first partnership with international media art platform INSCAPE



Urban Wind | Ji Park Quartet

Baketrium | Ji Park Quartet

INCERTITUDE | Biderman, Thibault (2021,Paris)